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IMAGE  Alchemist

Capturing Your extraordinary life, with added magic...

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As we live out our daily lives, we often fall into the trap of believing we are simply ordinary. As the Image Alchemist, it is my job to turn these moments in time around, to show you just how extraordinary you are.

Your life is full of colour and adventure and love, even if you are so busy living in that moment, that you don't always recognise it. It's all there, rich in emotion and triumph.

It's time to live it, feel it, celebrate it and hang it as big as your dare on the wall to remind you of how incredible life can be.

Choosing a Photographer

The time we are living in now is full of amazing art, graphics and imagery. When you choose a photographer it's important that their vision meets yours, or, helps you achieve something that you can't quite visualise.

Photographs are the building blocks that help shape the history of our lives. Snapshots, candid moments, events, and even structured narratives, all tell a story about who we are and who we want to be. It's about celebrating who we are today, our hopes for tomorrow, so that one day we can look back on it all and re-live and re-tell whole chapters.


When I photograph a person or a family, it isn't simply down to good lighting, its about connection and honesty.

My aim is to find the small gestures that make up a person, a smile that conveys who they are and make all those that know that smile mirror it when they see it.

I want to see unique bonds that exist between family members, relationships that are simple and everyday, yet at the same time, unlike any other in the world.


Photography Sessions with the Image Alchemist provide a time to stop and acknowledge your accomplishment and feel your happiness.

Often, my clients are in awe of the outcome of their photoshoot simply because they had no idea how incredible they are. It gives me great privilege to show you your wonder-filled life, in all its magical glory.

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Image Alchemist: Photography Session: Portsmouth Hampshire
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