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Sitter Sessions

The Sitter Stage!!! What a wonderful time. Your baby's first real connection with the world as they sit up and take notice. Such a  playful session and so important. The first year of a baby's life whizzes by and so many mum's enjoy the sitter session as it gives them a chance to stop and simply enjoy watching their beautiful little person with no pressure to do anything else.

There are also some poses which are unique to this age, my favourite is them grabbing their chubby toes. Once they realise those feet are made for walking, they don't tend to do that much anymore.

The recommended age bracket is 6-9 months depending on your baby. Every baby reaches different milestones in different orders, so contact me to discuss how your baby is progressing and we can schedule a time together for a strong and safe solo sitter. Visit the sitter session collections page to see what suits you best


There is no 'fee' for your photography session. Capturing your images on the Sitter Session visit is something I will do completely free of charge for you, so, if you decide not to purchase any of the art work, then that is absolutely your choice as you are under no obligation to do so.

After  your little ones sitter session, where we aim to create beautiful and timeless portraits, you will be invited back to the studio within two weeks.

On this visit your final gallery of around 20 beautifully edited images will be available for you to view, and an opportunity to choose the package you may wish to purchase.

If a package is not what you are after and you prefer a few individual prints or digital downloads, I am able to provide this but will require a minimum order of £199 in order to cover all the time involved in processing, printing and creating your order.

To book your photography session a non-refundable retainer of £99 will be required in order to secure the date. This will be deducted from your final order.

Sitter Collections

The Clock Maker


  • Up to 1.5  hours Studio Session

  • Full use of Props and outfits

  • Face to face ordering session

  • Five High Resolution images to download

  • Five Matching 9"x6" prints



  • up to 1.5 hrs Studio Session

  • Full use of Props and outfits

  • Face to face ordering session

  • Ten High Resolution, fully edited images to download

  • Ten Matching 9"x6" prints

  • Facebook Cover Photo of the session highlights

  • Keepsake wood and acrylic photo keyring

Pearl Printable-4.jpg
Canary Whistles


  • Up to 1.5 hrs Studio Session

  • Full use of Props and outfits

  • Face to face ordering session

  • 20+ images shown at your viewing in High Resolution, fully edited  on a USB stick

  • Ten Mounted 9"x6" prints of your chosen images

  • High Resolution HD Slideshow Movie of all your favourite images

  • Keepsake wood and acrylic photo keyring

  • £50 credit towards Wall Art

  • Facebook Timeline Cover Collage

  • £50 Credit towards your Cake Smash session

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