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The girl behind the camera...

Newborn Photography Portsmouth : trained in Newbon Art : Zuzu Studios : Portsmout, Hampshire

Welcome to Zuzu Photography, my name is Polly and I have been behind the camera now for 18 years. I want you to get to know me a little, so I am going to answer the question I am asked the most...


"What, in the wonderful world, is the meaning of ZUZU?"


The Zuzu name is born out of a cherished family memory that we re-live every Christmas. Collectively we gather and watch as George Bailey, with the help of his guardian angel Clarence,  contemplates his life in the 1946 movie classic 'It's a Wonerful Life'.


Zuzu, his youngest daughter, is heartbroken when a flower she has carefully brought home starts to lose its petals. making out to re-attach the petals, George slips them into his pocket. After a journey of self discovery, finding the petals once again in his pocket George is relieved to realise his life is waiting for him.

Whilst this is not the most famous narrative in the story, it speaks volumes about the fragility of life and passing time. It reminds us that when we are distracted by the big things, we miss the small moments that give our lives meaning.

At the same time as my second of three sons was born, my photography studio construction was complete. My baby boy didn't need the name Zuzu, so my business was born and took the name as a reminder that family life should be celebrated and cherished.

My business echoes many things from the film as it holds an ethos that I choose to shoot by;

The bigger picture lives in the tiny detail,

celebrate Wonder-filled moments of everyday life

Family days are full of tears, triumphs and are totally precious, so whether at Zuzu HQ or on a studio location,  I promise to provide an experience that you will want to hang on your wall  to remember forever...because it really is a Wonderful Life

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