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Sitter Sessions

The Sitter Stage!!! What a wonderful time. Your baby's first real connection with the world as they sit up and take notice. Such a  playful session and so important. The first year of a baby's life whizzes by and so many mum's enjoy the sitter session as it gives them a chance to stop and simply enjoy watching their beautiful little person with no pressure to do anything else.

There are also some poses which are unique to this age, my favourite is them grabbing their chubby toes. Once they realise those feet are made for walking, they don't tend to do that much anymore.

The recommended age bracket is 6-9 months depending on your baby. Every baby reaches different milestones in different orders, so contact me to discuss how your baby is progressing and we can schedule a time together for a strong and safe solo sitter. Visit the sitter session collections page to see what suits you best

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